December 3, 2014

Busy Bees at Boise's Bakery

Things are happening over here at Boise's Bakery!
As we move into the Christmas season, we are changing things around and getting busier.

Here's a few things that have happened lately:
  • Sassy Punkin' Bread is back!
Along with the changing season we have brought back our pumpkin and rootbeer bread (Sassy Punkin'). Moist pumpkin bread with spices and just a hint of sarsaparilla. We're serving it November to the end of January.

Boise's Bakery

  • Appearance on Good Morning Idaho!
We woke up extra early to get to the KIVI TV station, to demonstrate our Sassy Punkin' bread recipe for their Pumpkin Week special.  It went great and was an awesome experience. Unfortunately, they had some technical difficulties on the day we were there... so, none of the footage was recorded. These are the moments that help me remember to enjoy it while it's here. Of course, we wish it was on the website so we could share it with you... but this kind of stuff is what comes along with this digital era. It's a love, hate relationship ;-).
  • 2 New Cookies Added to the Menu
Along with our Sassy Punkin' bread we have added a soft + chewy ginger cookie topped with a lemony drizzle (it's vegan!) and a chewy chocolate cookie with mint chips (all butter included ;-) for this one).

Boise's Bakery

  • We have our new logo, Yay!
For about a month we collaborated with our friend Doug McFerrin, and he has created a beautiful logo! We are so happy with it.

Boise's Bakery

Boise's Bakery

  • Wintry Market 2014
We appeared at Wintry Market 2014 serving our goodies! It went wonderfully, and we are so grateful to those of you who came, supported local + handmade and came and got a treat from us. Thank you!

Boise's Bakery at Wintry Market 2014

Wintry Market
Wintry Market 2014

If you are interested in ordering some toothsome goodies for this Holiday season, please give us at least 72 hours notice => our email here <= Thanks!

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  1. Ooh, chocolate chip mint sounds delightful! That chocolate chip (dark + white) cookie brought home a couple weekends ago . . . so tasty! I could have eaten 10, even though it was as big as my head. :)