August 16, 2014

Call it a "Vacation"

Boise's Bakery has officially out grown our tiny kitchen. So we started stirring up plans to remodel.
We took a week long "vacation" to remodel the bakery to have a bigger more spacious kitchen and counter.
We had 1 week to tear down the old counter, and rebuild the new.

And so it began.

+ Day 1 +
As a small business, we want to support other small businesses whenever possible. We try to find as much recycled material as we can. Most of the wood for the facing of the counter is from old pallets, the glass and counter top in recycled from Second Chance. Our refrigerator is from the 1950's, most of our storage is vintage or slat board with shelves.
We also kept the same look and feel with the pallet wood, just added more space.

+ last day on "vacation" +

So far it's been great!
We went from a miniscule 195 sq. ft. to a whopping 250 sq. ft.
The lack of space in our old kitchen taught me a lot of communication skills {when I say communication, I mean making sure to yell GET OUT OF THE WAY}. Because nobody likes smacking into each other and throwing a hot pan of cookies on the ground.

Finished and done!
Click this link to go see the difference between now and the Grand Opening in 2013.

As Bee Wise Goods and Boise's Bakery continue to thrive The Soda Works has had a huge difference in sales from last year to this year. A few large companies have been ordering a lot of the same type soda as us and selling them for wholesale {geez Albertsons what's with that?}. 
We have had to get rid of a lot of flavors that have been sitting on the shelves going nowhere.
Although we are now down to one shelf of soda {floor to ceiling} we kept the most popular. It may look sparce to those of you who have been in our shop in the beginning but we still have about 50 flavors.
Don't freak out when The Soda Works sign is gone and replaced with a Boise's Bakery sign. From now onward, Boise's Bakery with be offering the variety of soda drinks that will be unique and delicious. We're excited our business is growing and changing.
See you soon!


  1. Beautiful! I love the recycled wood.

  2. It looks AWESOME!! Can't wait to come check it out in person. <3