January 4, 2014

Vintage Flare | R e d B u t t o n s

Head Red + Blondi

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! 
I've blinked and the year has come and went sooo fast. It's already 2014...  crazy!
This year as a family, every time something fun and exciting happens {even if it's that we had a great day at the shop} we'll write it down and stick it in a jar. Then on Dec. 31 2014, we will open the jar and read everything that happened over the year.

So along with the new year, I really want to blog more. Not the every once in a while, here and there sort of thing, {I already do that!} I want to be consistent.
I have written out a schedule and I'm trying to be more organized. We'll see how it goes.

Today we have some Vintage Flare for ya! Yeah! ;-)
There's been photos of the the sister and me, so now it's time for the mom! She was so cute today, therefore I had to take some photos. Plus, I love her.

Head Red + Blondi

Head Red + Blondi

Head Red + Blondi

I did her hair about three times to get it right.

Head Red + Blondi

Head Red + Blondi

Thanks for coming by!

- Head Red -


  1. Your mom is so cute! This outfit is adorable, especially the coat! I love all these vintage suitcases too; this is such a fun background.


    1. Thanks for coming by! It made my day :)

      I love all the suitcases too.
      The background is our little gift shop and we have tons of them.

      Isabelle @ Head Red + Blondi

  2. Ahh, this is really nice, thanks Isabelle for the lovely photo shoot. :)