September 24, 2013

* Just Baked Boise *

Head Red + Blondi

It's moving forward! As they say "slowly but surely" ;-)
 We have the whole counter done. Sanded, painted etc. 
It turned out really cute and I love it {thanks to Momma + Anne}.
We also have all the trim done and up. We're still working on the inside but we are  getting really close! And it is so exciting, well probably 50% exciting and 50% nerve racking. 
But God keeps telling me 
"If it's meant to be, it will be." 
So now it's my job to be patient and give as much effort as I can.

Thank you all so much for the support, I feel very blessed.

Head Red + Blondi

This is our fancy new oven purchased about a week ago.

Head Red + Blondi

And here's the smaller room that you guys saw on the previous update.
We've opened up the doorways a little bit, so they line up better and we can fit wide things through them. We have the water heater, the sink and the refrigerator. The small hand-sink still is laying on the floor {as you can see}. And only a few holes to patch up! :-P

Head Red + BlondiHead Red + Blondi

The floors will be sealed and done the 29th-30th.
The refrigerator will be slid over, next to the water heater.
We are aiming towards the beginning of October.

Til next time...
Head Red + Blondi

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