February 20, 2013

Make it Monday | DIY Earring Cork Board

Property of Isabelle Krake

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So, I know it's not Monday... I'm a little behind :-/
But, I couldn't just leave this super cute craft in the dust!

It is an awesome way to display all your cute stud earrings, and as you can see we do not have that many... so we will be adding to the mix soon ;-)

  1. cork board
  2. picture frame
  3. double-sided tape
  1. scissors
  2. tape measure
  3. ruler
  4. dark marking pen
Step 1:
 Take apart your picture frame. All you will need is the frame, not the glass or back. Now turn the frame over and measure the width and height of the inside edge {where you would normally place the glass, picture etc.}.
Step 2:
Take those measurements and mark them on the cork using the tape measure. Now move your cork board to a Rotary Mat. A Rotary Mat will ensure a straight edge. With your pen, mark a thick line all the way down the cork with the ruler. 
Property of Isabelle Krake

Step 3:
Take the scissors and cut on the outside edge of the line.
Property of Isabelle Krake
 Step 4:
On any picture frame there should be a ledge to hold the glass and picture in, cut skinny strips of the double-sided tape and stick them all the way around the ledge {I used three on each side}. 
Property of Isabelle Krake

Step 5:
Place you cut and fitted piece of cork into the frame {It is better if it's a little snug}. Press it down around the edges to get the tape to stick nicely.
Property of Isabelle Krake
Property of Isabelle Krake

Step 6:
Now push all you earrings into the cork, and there you have it!
You can also add a little decoration to the frame, buttons, a bow, be creative! ;-) {now just put all the backs of the earrings into a small jar or container}.
Property of Isabelle Krake
 ...you can stand it up...
...hang it on a wall...
Property of Isabelle Krake
 ...or simply just lay it down on your dresser.
Property of Isabelle Krake

Thank you so much for coming by!

~Head Red & Blondi~

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  1. So awesome! Totally making this soon ;)

  2. I love this I'm going to make this for me!!