December 3, 2012

Make it Monday: DIY Snow Globe

Property of Isabelle Krake

We are back, and starting the week off by getting into the Holiday Spirit! Making DIY snow globes!

Boy, do I love these. They are so cute and easy to make.

You will need:
* A glass jar & lid
* Glitter
* Bottle brush tree
* Super glue
* Wooden clothes pin stand
* Paint {optional}
Step 1:
This is the thing I was talking about-a wooden clothes pin stand.
I also painted it white {I liked the look of the little tree inside of it}.

Note: If you do paint the clothes pin stand, make sure the paint is acrylic. I Wouldn't want it to wash off!
Property of Isabelle Krake

Step 2:
Glue the tree and/or clothes pin stand to the under side of the lid. Let it dry.
Property of Isabelle Krake

 Step 3:
Pour just enough glitter into the jar so that you cannot see the bottom. Fill with cold or room temperature water.

Note: You may need to stir the water, the glitter can sometimes get clumped. 
Property of Isabelle Krake

Step 4:
Squeeze glue around the under edge of the lid.
Property of Isabelle Krake

 Step 5:
Immediately take the lid and screw it onto the jar {tightly}.

Property of Isabelle Krake

 Note: Leave the jar right side up, and let it dry.

Property of Isabelle Krake
Step 6:
Turn over and shake, shake, shake!
You have yourself a snow globe!
Property of Isabelle Krake

For the lid I tore strips of book page paper, and Mod-Podged it ;).

Thank you so much for coming by!
 Hope you have a beautiful day!

~ Head Red & Blondi ~

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