November 6, 2012

Time to Clean Tuesday: Chinchilla Storage

Property of Isabelle Krake

It's Time to Clean Tuesday, and I have cleaned up my chinchilla storage.

I have needed to do this for a while.

These are the Chinchillas {or Chinies, as we like to call them}.
Property of Isabelle Krake
Aren't they cute...;-)

...and this is the storage area where we keep their food, treats, bedding etc.
Property of Isabelle Krake
 I'm a little embarrassed.
 But this is what Time to Clean Tuesday is for! Right?

And this is "it" after cleaning and organizing.
Property of Isabelle Krake
I whipped up a curtain too!
And I promise that I didn't just throw everything behind the curtain, I did clean ;-).

Thank you so much for coming by!
Have a great day!

~ Head Red & Blondi ~  

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