October 16, 2012

Time to Clean Tuesday: My Dirty Shoes

Head Red & Blondi

 It is Time to Clean Tuesday!
So for today, I cleaned my very dirty shoes. They are white tennis shoes... so they definitely get dirty {quickly}.

I took the laces out, and then soaked the laces in hot water and soap.
I then plopped my shoes in the washing machine. 
Then I took a toothbrush and some Folex carpet stain remover, and scrubbed in the small little nooks and crannies. Then I took the laces out of the water, after they had soaked for a while and scrubbed them with Folex too.
Then rinsed them once more with water and let them dry.

 ~ Before ~
Head Red & Blondi
Head Red & Blondi
  ~ After ~
Head Red & Blondi
Head Red & Blondi

Thanks for reading!
~ Head Red & Blondi ~  


  1. Ah, so I actually have to do some work to make my shoes white again? ;o) I just throw them in the wash and wonder why it doesn't help. ;o) Thanks for the motivation!!

    1. Oops, I was signed into my mom instead of me. But none the less, Thank you :)