September 25, 2012

Time to Clean Tuesday: Meets My Desk

Head Red & Blondi
Well it's definitely Time to clean Tuesday for me. 
I love being creative but in all of that creativeness, I make a mess. So today I am going to show you what it usually looks like after one of my "creative spurts". Then I'm going to give it a mop in the face and get clean and organized! ;)
My mess of a desk.
Head Red & Blondi I take everything off, and separate everything into piles. For example School, Trash, Sewing etc. Now it's all clear and ready for me to clean!
Head Red & Blondi
 From there I rearranged... and rearranged... and rearranged, Until! I found what arrangement I liked the best, and I also recycled a few things.
All that I used was a soup can, hot glue, bottle caps and some leftover synthetic flowers that came from a string of lights. 
Head Red & Blondi
 And you have a Pencil Holder!
After about a half-an-hour more...
Head Red & Blondi

Thank you so much for coming by! 

Have a great day!
~Head Red & Blondi