September 20, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Bouquet

It's Thoughtful Thursday!
So I made a bouquet of flowers for my sister.
First I started off by gathering scissors and a vase of water. Then I cut the flowers.
After I had the flowers I wanted, I cut them accordingly to how I wanted to arrange them. I also pulled some of the leaves off, so it's not crowded and you can easily fit more flowers in the vase.
Head Red & Blondi
Then take a rock and smash the ends of the flowers. This will allow the flowers to drink the water easily. (They will last longer)
Head Red & Blondi

Head Red & Blondi
 Then I finished it off with a note.
Head Red & Blondi
To keep it fresh you can change the water in the vase everyday and it will last a lot longer.
Thank you so much for coming by!
We will also be having Make it Monday and What's Cooking Wednesday
~ Head Red & Blondi


  1. You are pretty accomplished for a 13 year old, thats for sure.

  2. What a treasure for your sister! It's beautiful. I have to say, too, that you taught me something today. I have never heard of smashing the ends...but I am so glad I know now!! Thank you!!!