September 24, 2012

Make it Monday: Scratch Cards

Head Red & Blondi
Today we are going to show you how to make your own Scratch Cards.

You will need:
1. Scissors or a paper slicer
2. Glue (a glue stick works best)
3. Clear packaging tape
4. Gold or silver acrylic paint
5. Dish soap
6. Card stock or card board
7. Regular paper
8. A paint brush

We started off by printing out some sayings and quotes on a regular piece of paper. Then we cut them apart according to the size of the pieces of card stock. Then with the glue stick, just smuge enough on the back of the sayings to just be able to stick it to the card stock. This will allow you to easily put the packaging tape over top with out it moving around.
Head Red & Blondi
 Just like these.
Then cut the packaging tape to the appropriate size. Then stick.
Head Red & Blondi
 Now this is where the paint comes in. The paint mixture should be half paint and half dish soap.
Head Red & Blondi
 Then Paint!
Head Red & Blondi
Let dry. They probably will need a few layers.
Head Red & Blondi
 Once dry Scratch!
Head Red & Blondi
 Thank you so much for coming by!

~ Head Red & Blondi


  1. I love scratch cards, when I was little I would tear open any mail that came that would have scratch cards telling you that you won something or got a discount. Then I would beg my mom to let me use them, she always said, "everyone wins, it's marketing." I didn't really believe her until I called on one of them and we were supposed to get a lamp or a TV, something like that but instead she had to sit through a 2 hour insurance spiel and the guy said he would drop off that lamp the next day... we never got it. But your scratch cards are the BEST, they make me smile and I know I won something real!

  2. What a great idea. I really love to scratch the cards. Thanks for making me able to make my own scratch cards.